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Quick Advice for Workers’ Compensation in Cleveland, Lake county, and Northeast Ohio

Q: Who may file for workers’ compensation?

A: In the State of Ohio, any employee who is injured on the job may file a claim. This is applicable whether it is the fault of the employee, the employer, or a third party. It does not matter whether the injured party has missed any time from work or has been off the job for days, weeks, months, or indefinitely.

Q: Why should I hire Lallo & Feldman to file a workers’ compensation claim?

A: Even though it is not required by law to be represented by an attorney, statistics show that claimants who are legally represented are much more likely to receive larger compensations. In addition, they will probably receive them more quickly than those who are not represented. Lallo & Feldman will assist you in processing your claim and:

  • Prepare and submit initial applications.
  • Obtain medical and other relevant evidence.
  • Ascertain the compensation and benefits to which you are entitled.
  • File wage statements and other forms needed to expedite your claim.
  • Attend hearings as well as prepare you for a hearing when your presence is necessary.
  • File appeals when necessary.
  • Determine if you are entitled to any other benefits in addition to workers’ compensation.
  • Evaluate rehabilitation programs.
  • Determine whether or not a safety violation is involved or an intentional tort is committed by your employer.
  • Constantly communicate with you on the progress of your claim.

Q: When should I contact Lallo & Feldman?

A: You should contact us as soon as possible following your injury as any delay could affect the benefits to which you are entitled. If in doubt, call us today so that we may determine the status of your claim.