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Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense: Dui, Theft, Drug Offenses, Misdemeanors, And Felonies

As a U.S. citizen, you have several rights to protect yourself from becoming caught in the web of criminal charges. Among these rights is the powerful right to remain silent. Never agree to discuss your guilt or innocence with police officials without your lawyer or appear in court without proper representation.

Since 1979, the partners of Lallo & Feldman Co., LPA have been defending the rights of people just like you from small traffic charges to more serious felonies. If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges or you feel you are being investigated for one, do not hesitate to call. Find out what other rights you have to protect yourself in a court of law.

Our lawyers can defend you against any of the following charges:

Juvenile Crimes

Our lawyers represent juveniles charged with crimes such as vandalism, underage consumption of alcohol, underage OVI and DUI, shoplifting and other charges. It is imperative to have an attorney defend you from these charges because they may preclude you from admission into college or getting a job.